Where: 22 Quay St, Galway

Convincing Amy to hastily move to Galway with me wouldn’t be complete without a trip to McDonagh’s (and an unnecessary smiley piercing, but anyway).


I’m going to say McDonagh’s is a Galway institution, probably up there with the most famous chippers in Ireland. It’s city centre location means that it’s handy to get to, but it’s always packed. You’re either forced to sit with strangers at communal benches, attempt to snap up one of the two tables outside (weather permitting), or wait around eagerly in the cramped restaurant ready to pounce when someone else leaves. It’s probably about 99.9% more comfortable to get take-away and eat it somewhere else, if possible.

While ordering you’ll be greeted by the extremely rough staff who’ll bark at you and return your change by slamming it down on the counter. Cute. Anyway, we were forced to eat al fresco and had some near death encounters with several pigeons. Most disappointingly Amy ordered a sausage and chips because battered cod is too “exotic” for her palette… she’s actually the worst. Here she is, seductively displaying her sausage;


The fish is good, can’t go wrong seeing them freshly batter it behind the counter. Chips aren’t bad either, the quality just about balances out the atrocious service. If you’re feelin’ fancy get the 3 oysters for €6.50.

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