Let us give thanks

To the San Lorenzo’s baked Nutella cheesecake.

Where: San Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant 73-83 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2

& at its’ sister restaurant Taco Taco 14 Dame Ct, Dublin 2


Here are my crab cakes courtesy of San Lorenzo’s, and if this restaurant really is named after Saint Lawrence of Rome (patron saint of cookery), well, that’s some Kanye level arrogance. Furthermore this “modern Italian” eatery doesn’t have a hint of Italian on the brunch menu until you get to the desserts. I will say it’s been a little while since I ate here, so maybe they’ve improved. Anyway 2 crab cakes, 2 poached eggs. The eggs were dreamy. I appreciated the lil chunks of crab in the crab cakes, definitely could’ve been crabbier. The asparagus was beautifully charred. The home fries were weird, as if the duck fat hadn’t been cooked off enough. I never ever add salt to anything, but the food wasn’t seasoned at all. I sound like I’m complaining a lot, but it was good, don’t get me wrong and the best is yet to come.

Their coffee was up there as one of the best I’ve had. The Nutella cheesecake though… I fully understand this Nutella fight now. This was a cheesecake so good, SO SO SO GOOD, it felt like a gift from God himself. I am honestly upset knowing my cheesecake experience has peaked. My soul hurt paying €17 for 2 desserts, but honestly, it was worth every single chocolatey bite.


(an older picture of this dreamboat, second time I ate in San Lorenzo’s I wolfed it down too quickly for a picture)

I’ve eaten bunch in both and I can only say that Taco Taco the former pop-up restaurant popped up for too long and it has had its’ day. I ate the blandest version of chicken ‘n’ waffles to have ever been created.  Flabby flaccid buttermilk waffles, two unseasoned chicken goujans shoved in between, sparsely drizzled with ‘sriracha + honey mustard’ which was either too miserly I couldn’t taste it, or it just had no flavour, watery shit coleslaw on the side and some limp sweet potato fries. Next time I’ll just take my €17.95 and burn it, because that would be more enjoyable than eating this tasteless crap.  However, I knew that despite eating a shitty brunch dish, the legendary San Lorenzo’s NY baked Nutella cheesecake was on the menu.


So if you’re ever debating between Taco Taco or San Lorenzo’s choose the latter, every time and remember, NEVER neglect to order the dreamiest most indulgent dessert you’ll have in Dublin.

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